"Namaste" :)

I could not think of another way to greet than the traditional form of joining my hands with a slight bow and welcoming smile while saying "Namaste"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remember to SMILE.

How many of you agree that a smile is encouraging? Amazing! To me, a smile is our creator’s signature on his best piece of work. A smile is a smart Human art that originates from the heart.

For the next 6 minutes, Remember to smile.

We will be taking a rollercoaster ride. Is anybody afraid of rollercoaster’s?  Fasten your seatbelts and tuck your arms in. You are safe.

This ride, with its ups and downs and twists and turns, will take us through the rhythm of my life.

“Good artists: copy, great artists: steal”. I stole this saying from Picasso. Similarly, I've stolen ideas, lessons and thoughts from innumerable books, people and experiences that life brought.

23rd of December 1989, I was born to a beautiful mother, as a little princess to my father and an object of curiosity to a 3 year old, my crazy, crazy, crazy brother. My family is inclusive of grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles and aunts and we are highly eligible to represent any Indian Family television series. Drama, Drama and more Drama!

I studied at St. Teresa’s Convent High School in Santacruz wherein I was good at scoring marks. Elocution, Dance, Song and Sport, I relished them all. Like I already told you, I had a big family who stood to support me when I was still very small.

A smooth rhythm, a smooth ride, a smooth life.

My life served in a golden platter then suddenly shattered. My family, it had scattered. 

Circumstance, it’s the track that turns everything upside down!

My parents had gone two different ways. It was dark, and at 15, I was forced to make a new start.  

A maternal shield protected me. However, a princess, I no more was.

I hope you remember we are on a ride. This ride called life asks us to Open our eyes, Smile and enjoy every dive. The fall helps gain momentum. The momentum we need to Rise. ‘Always for the good’ is my Favorite advice. Relax! Keep smiling!

“Plus j’apprends, meiux j’enseigne. Plus j’enseigne, mieux j’apprends” “More I learn, better I teach. More I teach, better I learn”. I learned French at the Alliance Francaise and in turn taught students who were taking their grade 10 exams. The experience enriched me. I was encouraged to smile.

Of course I was stressed, but life wasn't a complete mess because I was determined to find the ingredients of success. I was enjoying what I was doing and I said to myself, “I will grow and everyone will know.”

I love myself and my friends love me too. They sheltered my innocence and encouraged me to see life though a Loving lens.

Smile at anyone and they have no choice but to return one to you. Go on, try it. Look at someone you don’t know and smile. It works. 100% guaranteed and free of charge.

This formula works with the existence too. Smile at the existence and it will return one to you. The existence smiled at me when I received a full-paid scholarship and flew to Vermont in the United States to graduate as a Bachelor in Business Administration from Champlain College.

With new found freedom, time was polishing my life. I exploited every prospect that came my way. Education, to me, had become a very interesting play. Infrastructure, books, Case studies, role plays, seminars, industry-led projects, factory visits, open-book exams, movies, bowling, ice-climbing, trekking, sledding, travel, and much, much, more. It was a learner’s paradise. Fascinating!

And then something else happened! Like a rollercoaster U turn! I wanted to take the Next flight back home. I had a serious problem. A problem involving of a Sinful Stomach and a demanding tongue! My taste buds were repelling the food there. In three words, I was Hungry! And food is so important. Do I have to explain? It Shows!

The pampered little brat that I am, I turn 25 this year, and I can boil water, prepare tea and make Maggi!

Anyway, as far as my ambition goes, all I know is that I want to dress well, interact with people, and have them want to listen to me, while I get paid to talk.

I am passionate about self-development, communication and education. Facilitating, teaching, training, mentoring and coaching are verbs of progression that make my eyes Sparkle. It’s mesmerizing when I visualize myself in front of people as beautiful as you and have something important to effectively share.

Oops! This ride, is coming to an end and in case you still do not know how to refer to me, your new friend.

My name is Rajna. In Hindi, it means brightly coloured and intelligent.

If you were timing me for 6 minutes, it's hard to believe that you want me to stop. If you do, you seem to have missed three points.
1. I am a woman!
2. I am a woman who loves to talk!
3. I am a pretty woman who loves to talk!

I hope you had a jolly ride and always remember to Smile.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gratitude Begins at Home

Finally, I happened to find some time for myself. My folks were not at home and I decided to laze through the day, cozy on my couch with some savories for my taste buds. Having made myself comfortable, I watched television and even took advantage of the fast paced internet service for a while. Soon enough I was tired of the indoor activities and to add to that, my snack supply was depleting!! Thus I sat back for a while, dwelling into my surroundings and thinking what I’d do next when I was awestruck by some thoughts. Thoughts about the location my home is situated in. And I soon began to feel privileged!!

Position plays a very important role in our lives whether we are talking about status, products, services or mere convenience and access. And guess what… I felt that the intensity of access I have to possibly anything is immense due to the location of my home. I decided to put it to test and therefore conjured up a list of things and services I would like to have quick access to in order to mark a location as sophisticated, important and convenient as per my assessment. I was ready to experience an important aspect of my personal life, something that I had never paid attention to earlier.

The sun was blazing hot and I thought about an air-conditioned coffee shop or maybe an ice-cream parlor or a cake shop. Whoa!! All three, Barista, Temptations and Birdy’s respectively present just a lane away which means an average paced 5 minutes. And what else you say?? General stores to fill in the snack bars again and also Shoppers Stop in case I’d like to fill my wardrobe too. Consider travelling a little further away and I can find a rickshaw at a hands wave. Rickshaws can get expensive at times though and so the bus stand and the train station can also be found within a distance of 10 minutes at an average walking pace. Voila, we now have the metro too! Convenience to travel certainly gets thumbs up here considering that I tend to taking advantage of these facilities and always find myself comfortable.

Well, I was not really considering spending any money though I wanted to stay outside my house. Window shopping was certainly an option but that would tickle my shopping urges and I was not keen about that either. With the evening sun setting down, it did not take me too long to decide that I would just go for a walk. High time I decide to let my blood circulate well and the best way to do that is around nature. So I head towards the garden. And yeah this calls for some decision again because I have to choose one of the two gardens that are hardly two buildings away on either sides of the building my apartment is in. I decided to go in to the bigger one with a keen eye to notice the facilities we are provided. So I found innumerable trees and flowers that help keep the place cool and beautiful, also some park games like slides and swings. What was more interesting though is the fact that in spite of the surrounding hustle and bustle I found a feeling of calmness and serenity. Soft green grass beds frame a natural mat for yoga and meditation while the benches certainly help friends to sit together and catch up free of cost in the midst of nature. Exactly what I like while I am trying to save money!! Walking around has helped me with the exercise but gotten me hungry too… and though I specified earlier, I probably cannot save any money any longer if I want to eat because I do not want to cook.

Talking about money reminds me that we have three banks around here at about a five minute distance again with 24 hour ATM’s so we have no emergency monetary issues. Issuing money generally means we are going to spend it but before that we have the Vodafone store and the MTNL office just about a block away in different directions that make certain about our communications and connections which is pretty important in our social media world.

 If you have not yet missed it, I still have not spoken about the office spaces. Well we do have them, though I must mention that this is a pre-dominantly residential area which I consider as a benefit considering the added serenity in the midst of a hectic life. Just about two lanes away from the main S.V. road, my house provides me with my space in spite of the intense access.  

Resident life by itself is very plush with a few bungalows around and nice restructured buildings which provide the old rustic buildings with more value for existence. Time to say thank you to my family for making sure we own a home and stay here because I certainly cannot afford an apartment any longer with the soaring realty rates.  It is expensive enough to make me feel sick. Oh yeah!.... we also have quite a few doctors in and around the area. Walk able distance even when you are unwell not only makes it economical but also convenient.

So, I am finally heading home, still hungry and ready to cook. The local grocer delivers the cooking materials to my house after which I begin with the preparations. Just then, my parents and some guests are back and hungry too which makes it a lot of food for me to make. Order food is the only thought I have and so I do. Never lack a choice around here though. So my options vary from north Indian dishes, south Indian dishes, Chinese, pizza or anything else home delivered and quick. Also the pictures for these memories can be printed at the photo studio close by. By the way….Home delivery is always free here in India.

Finally I would also like to mention the educated class of individuals who live here which by itself speaks of the standard of living and the immense concern by the area association for its maintenance which is well done. The people are nice and so is the place.

Looks like I must mention the place by its name now. Lallubhai Park in Andheri west, Mumbai, provides us with the best facilities and I am a proud resident of this area that passes extremely well through my assessment test.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Endings - Margaret Atwood

Happy EndingsHappy Endings by Margaret Atwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you were to ask me what kind of book I like to read, I’d say my criterion is that the story should have a happy ending. Evidently, the story titled Happy Endings by Margaret Atwood caught my attention.

You definitely have enough time to read through this beautiful piece of quality literature if you are willing to skip a sandwich and that is exactly want intrigued me beyond the title. I stumbled upon this via Facebook in a post titled 'You Can Read in the Time it Takes to Eat Lunch’

I’m so amazed with the fluidity of thought and writing portrayed by Margaret that I am taking longer to write this review than I did to read the story! I wonder whether I will ever be able to write with such honesty, simplicity and authenticity all put together.

In the midst of preparing for competitive exams such as the GMAT and GRE, I almost thought this story is a part of my preparation with multiple choice options A through F and the fact that there is only one correct answer really. Yet, you are made to feel like you have a choice to pick what you think is right.

It’s an original. Read it!


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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Never leave me – Harold Robbins

Never Leave MeNever Leave Me by Harold Robbins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fiction is more real than not and it is probably not written out of thin air. The idea is always born out of reality. It is interesting to accept or decline ideas surrounding us in the form of a story and Harold Robbins allows us just that.

You can feel the truth of this story in the air around you and you’d probably be lying if you say that you have had no real acquaintance with a similar story be it your own or another’s. Noteworthy however, is how one perceives, faces and learns from it.

The story allocates every character their space and warmth without detracting the lime-light from the lead protagonist who is happily married, has children and runs a successful PR business yet suddenly falls in love with a widow. The story portrays life as it is behind the gloss of many a successful career without generalization. It is a wild ride showcasing the perpetual longing for ambition, greed, love, lust, passion, betrayal and maybe even return. It lays a hand on the disasters caused by ego and the results of acceptance and forgiveness.

A beautiful aspect of this book is that the passion for love and desire is clearly not limited to one side of the sexes. There is no one to blame.

It was a quick read and I really liked it owing to the dialogues that are simple yet absorbing, dramatic yet real.

My favorite quotes from the book:
“This baby had class and the only way you could play was for keeps”
“The only thing of value on this earth is that each of us is an individual and not a cog in a machine. No man is better than another because of circumstance or fortune, but each important to his own”
“I looked at her and in that moment I knew she was no longer a child. She was a woman, with all the grace and intuition and inscrutability of her sex.”
“Wouldn't it be terrible, if she were to go through life knowing she could never have you?”
“I had found no answer in the night; perhaps the climbing sun would point out a way.”
“You pay for everything you get in this world. You get nothing for nothing. Little happiness - little pain, big happiness - big price. Everything comes out even. The books are always in balance.”
“Can’t we be friends? Maybe we can when love goes.”
“You may know a person all your life and never really know what he is like.”
“Sometimes something happens and you find that all the people you knew are like nothing and someone you never saw before will reach out a hand to help.”
“Say something nice about somebody and nobody will listen. Make it mean, malicious, scandalous and everybody in town will help you spread the word.”
“I have no complaints, no matter what happens. None of us comes with a life-time guarantee”
“People are not like a business. You can’t buy and sell them like so much property. You can’t lock them up in a vault and expect them to appreciate it”
“Don’t tell me. I don’t want to hear it. You’re going to say what every woman faces in her secret heart, in her most terrible nightmares. We live in dread that one day he will come and say that he no longer cares.”
“How selfish both of us really were. We who were ready to sacrifice both our worlds for the sake of a moment’s passion”

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thank You

To all who have been associated with me, “Thank you”.

My gratitude extends to some people for merely being themselves, mentors and idols creating benchmarks that challenge anyone who want to excel. Caving the path and invariably showing me how it is possible to make it big. For walking their direction while I find mine in case I choose not to take theirs. For showing consistency in their positive energy and helping me analyze that as the key to success.

To some others I am grateful for providing opportunities and then genuinely hand-holding while I tried to walk. For letting me do what I knew and teaching me what I did not. For allowing me to behave like a child and giving me the essential space to become an adult. For protecting the innocence in my laughter and tears and pointing out to how I shine when I display my best colors and all the while for reminding me to be me.

Then I also have a third category of people who I am grateful to a little more than the others. For someone like me, who is fond of experiential learning, they allow me to learn from themselves. These are the people who scar their souls to live a life that shows me how not to be. They live like I never want to and show me in real how miserable it is. They ensure that I am not enticed into shortcuts that are easier paths that certainly make way for hell. I genuinely pray for this lot in deepest gratitude that the existence provide them with opportunities to reset their lives.

I know that I have always gained.


Monday, April 8, 2013

A Last kiss, Goodbye.

“Well then, one last kiss, goodbye” I said. He looked at me and smiled. We had another hour to ourselves and I knew that there was more to what I had asked for. 

He turned twenty-three this day and that would have marked the seventh year to our relationship, if I may say so. 

“It will not work out for us”, a mutual thought two years ago and it was a decision made to let go.

“Can we still be best friends? he said. “Yes, I guess, with no better option left” 

“Let us celebrate the day together.” Birthdays have always been special for me. With him by my side, I had happiness bubbles fizzing inside me. It was a plan, his plan for me. 

Excited....I was looking forward to celebrate the special day with him and chose to wear the orange dress he bought me. “You look beautiful.” With all my teeth visible, I was on Cloud 9 or higher. 
He held my hand, escorted me into the car and whisked me away to where he walked me into a surprise. 

So I enjoyed every moment of the drive still smiling in order to express my delight because it was his birthday, yet my surprise!! 

A drive through the sea link, into the five-star and I knew that he had luxury waiting for me. 

“Whoa, this is so much, my style” Yet, I was not ready for this. The religion following, strict vegetarian and a non-alcoholic and obedient person all by choice had decided to take me to the open sky-lounge BAR!! 

The thirty-third floor had thick sheets of six feet tall glass forming the boundary wall. The cool breeze swept through my face and hair while I stood there watching the orange sun set into the sea.

Standing close behind me, I heard him whisper “Are you happy to be here?” I hugged him, “Do we really have to let go?” 

“I really do not know” “Go ahead, call for your drink” 

 “You sure, you’re comfortable with me drinking!! … All the more, this place looks really expensive!!” 
"It is more the price that the height that will give us a nosebleed" 
“Only once in a while makes for a surprise and every penny is worth your smile” 

He called for a mock tail named ‘Rise’. “Can’t drink and drive.” 
I looked through the menu and was definite to try something new and was ready to raise a toast. It just made more sense to celebrate NOW. 

Just then, his phone whistled. He received and e-mail and he had news to share. He cleared his visa application process to Australia. He was going to shift base. The mock tail named aptly in this situation for he was going to “Rise” towards his new life. Happy as I was, I knew somewhere deep inside that he, my best friend is going to go far away. My heart skipped a beat. 
“Do I have a way out?” 

“What would you like to have ma’am?” I browsed through the menu again. 
“Well then, one last kiss, goodbye”, I said.
 Certainly ma’am “That is Irish whiskey on the rocks.” 
Apt to the situation, my drink, it was smooth and rich, just like one might have had their last kiss.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


You make me feel so special,

Sometimes it just does not feel real,

Whether I am happy or am sad,

By my side, you I have always had.

With you I laugh and also cry,

And there is no way that to you I can lie,

Not that I ever try!!! :P

You always know when to be there and why!!

No matter what….

You are someone I have always sought.

Of course with you I fight,

But then our friendship is like a soaring kite.

Forever my love for you I will voice,

Whether it is day or night.

Because You are certainly one choice,

That I made right.