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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A week-end at Boston :)

We had just returned from the amazing trip to the falls and had our plans ready for the week-end. We were leaving for Boston on the very next day!! Nishit and I were to stay at Sarah’s house while Bob and Matty had a hotel room booked at the Holiday Inn.
The trip was calm and we visited Montpellier on our way.
This time we did not take a lunch break and instead decided to have food once we reached our destination as Boston is 4 hours away from Burlington.

However, once we reached Boston, we lost our way. We did not know how to reach the hotel in particular and so we were traveling round and around the city automatically site-seeing!! We passed through downtown, and Harvard University, Boston University, etc. Finally we decided to call the hotel help-line and get directions with the help of which we reached while Sarah reached there just in time to meet us.

We were starving and our stomach was growling with hunger and so we walked towards an eating joint where we ate and drank. I bought myself a burrito that filled me up and coffee that gave me immense warmth in the freezing cold atmosphere. For some reason all of us expected to experience warmer weather than it was. We then took the train and went towards the state center and park and the shopping area where we walked around and looked about the city while Sarah explained to us about the various places.

Soon we were tired and we left to go to her house which was about 45 minutes away from the center. She drove along the longer route in order to show us around the city. We reached her house and I loved it!! Neither was it too big nor too small, just perfect and cozy. The colors inside were nice and bright. It made me feel warm and happy partly because her parents and sister are just as warm hearted and cool as she is. I love them  it felt like home. We had some conversations and laughter after which we were off to bed.

The next day Sarah’s dad made a wholesome breakfast for me!! The “Egg in a hole” was delicious and had immense aesthetic value. I had not had good breakfast in a long time and so it was welcome. We decided to take the trolley tour around the city and it would have been perfect had the climate not been like it was. The rain was pouring and the winds were lashing. It was like an amalgamation on the monsoon and winter. Not funny at all! But we were happy to be there and so we enjoyed. Went around learning some facts about the city, went around shopping and then ate dinner at an Indian restaurant.

The adventure however was yet to come. We returned to the parking lot to go back home when Sarah realized that she had left the parking lights on all day!! The car had died!! I do not know what we were thinking of, but Nishit and I jumped out of the car and pushed it India style while Sarah tried to start the ignition. All in vain and drenching wet, we hopped back in. She then called her uncle who came and jumped the car alive again. And we went straight back home to change into warmer clothes and grasp a hot cup of coffee. A perfect ending to the amazing trip!!
We left the next day and returned back again to Burlington wondering why classes had to begin again!! Have you ever felt the same?? Please feel free to comment.

P.S. The entire trip to Niagara Falls and Boston inclusive of food and stay cost me $150 which was totally worth it. Well planned and possible!!

“Experience, travel – these are education in themselves” - Greek playwright, c. 480-406 BC

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