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I could not think of another way to greet than the traditional form of joining my hands with a slight bow and welcoming smile while saying "Namaste"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Nishit’s birthday was closing in, 17th march. Neither did I have a clue about what we were to do for him nor did I know where I could buy a cake from. I had seen a note which said that we could plan a surprise and order for a cake from the cafeteria or maybe make chocolates. But that required 48 hours of prior notice and I did not have that much time as his birthday was hardly a few hours away.

I practically lost hopes about doing anything and decided to go online and check face book instead. I was aimlessly surfing the sites when Sarah said “hi”, through the chat options. She had been with us long enough in India and remembered our usual birthday tradition. The birthday boy/girl receives a surprise cake from the rest, at midnight.

All she said after our greetings was, “So… I am coming over at midnight!!” And there my solution was ready. I said that was perfect and our plan was ready. Now I had to make sure Nishit did not realize before time and I had to make sure he was out of the way up until midnight.

We were heading towards the dorm late after dinner. Luckily, for me, Nishit’s room-mate was in the room. So I said, “Let’s go up to my room and do work. No one is there so we can even listen to music.” He agreed. That was easy!! So we were doing our respective work and I found Sarah online. I still did not know how I was going to let her into the dorm without letting him know. So we decided she would come at 11.45 pm and I would go down for whatever reason.

When she did come, I excused myself from the room stating that I had to go to the restroom. Fair enough. I let Sarah in to the dorm, left her in his room and went back up to mine. Still 10 minutes away. I was excited and wanted to go back down and stay with Sarah and make sure he comes down at the right time. I did not know how that was going to happen but I excused myself stating that I wanted to go to the restroom (Again!!!). He was so busy playing FIFA that he was least interested in what I was doing, so he just gave me a nod. I asked him to go down in a while to his room and he ignored me deeply involved in his game.

Now that I was out of there, I did not know how to expect him back in his room. So Matty had an idea. While Andew, Xanth, Sarah and I waited in room, Matty went up to ours where Nishit was and told him to go down with her because she wanted something that she had left in his room. He agreed and came down with her. The door to his room was shut and we waited for him to let himself in with the keys. As soon as he did, we all shouted “Happy Birthday” and sang the birthday song for him. His chocolate cake was ready with 20 lighted candles on it and he was lost for words.

It was simple, yet valuable. He loved it and was happily thanking everybody in there. All those who passed by got a piece of the cake too. Soon everyone was back in to their own room and we had plans for the next day to go to the Indian restaurant “India House” for dinner. The food was authentic, though expensive and we enjoyed the day post all the classes.

What next!! …A Similar, midnight birthday surprise for Sarah, 18th March. Action replay!! Mike was with Nishit and me this time. Sarah did not expect us to be there and so it was successfully a happy quotient to begin her day.

“Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.”
- Anonymous.

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  1. Just returned from Mike's apartment. It was his birthday today and we gave him a surprise too. Sarah, Nishit and I!! ... We had a really good time :)