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I could not think of another way to greet than the traditional form of joining my hands with a slight bow and welcoming smile while saying "Namaste"

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Last kiss, Goodbye.

“Well then, one last kiss, goodbye” I said. He looked at me and smiled. We had another hour to ourselves and I knew that there was more to what I had asked for. 

He turned twenty-three this day and that would have marked the seventh year to our relationship, if I may say so. 

“It will not work out for us”, a mutual thought two years ago and it was a decision made to let go.

“Can we still be best friends? he said. “Yes, I guess, with no better option left” 

“Let us celebrate the day together.” Birthdays have always been special for me. With him by my side, I had happiness bubbles fizzing inside me. It was a plan, his plan for me. 

Excited....I was looking forward to celebrate the special day with him and chose to wear the orange dress he bought me. “You look beautiful.” With all my teeth visible, I was on Cloud 9 or higher. 
He held my hand, escorted me into the car and whisked me away to where he walked me into a surprise. 

So I enjoyed every moment of the drive still smiling in order to express my delight because it was his birthday, yet my surprise!! 

A drive through the sea link, into the five-star and I knew that he had luxury waiting for me. 

“Whoa, this is so much, my style” Yet, I was not ready for this. The religion following, strict vegetarian and a non-alcoholic and obedient person all by choice had decided to take me to the open sky-lounge BAR!! 

The thirty-third floor had thick sheets of six feet tall glass forming the boundary wall. The cool breeze swept through my face and hair while I stood there watching the orange sun set into the sea.

Standing close behind me, I heard him whisper “Are you happy to be here?” I hugged him, “Do we really have to let go?” 

“I really do not know” “Go ahead, call for your drink” 

 “You sure, you’re comfortable with me drinking!! … All the more, this place looks really expensive!!” 
"It is more the price that the height that will give us a nosebleed" 
“Only once in a while makes for a surprise and every penny is worth your smile” 

He called for a mock tail named ‘Rise’. “Can’t drink and drive.” 
I looked through the menu and was definite to try something new and was ready to raise a toast. It just made more sense to celebrate NOW. 

Just then, his phone whistled. He received and e-mail and he had news to share. He cleared his visa application process to Australia. He was going to shift base. The mock tail named aptly in this situation for he was going to “Rise” towards his new life. Happy as I was, I knew somewhere deep inside that he, my best friend is going to go far away. My heart skipped a beat. 
“Do I have a way out?” 

“What would you like to have ma’am?” I browsed through the menu again. 
“Well then, one last kiss, goodbye”, I said.
 Certainly ma’am “That is Irish whiskey on the rocks.” 
Apt to the situation, my drink, it was smooth and rich, just like one might have had their last kiss.

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  1. Wow..what a wonderful way of describing this drink with an awesome story and this kinda bought tears fr me.. Have been seeing ul both even before relation.. And My heart still says ..I wanna see ul both together.. :-) But anywich ways u both are happy now and that is what I want ;-) Keep Smiling..God Bless u both! Love you both!! *Hugs*